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As the founder of Hecht & Hecht Child Welfare insurance, I believe I’m uniquely positioned to assist child welfare clients. For decades I’ve evaluated risk for business owners, developing custom insurance solutions. I also hold a law degree, allowing me to view risk from multiple angles. As well, I’m a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), which means I understand first-hand the exceptional demands placed upon the child welfare clients I serve.

Child Welfare Insurance is more than a job or a product line for me – it’s an extension of a strong personal sense of justice: a commitment to children who can’t help themselves, and to individuals who spend their lives ensuring that children are safe. As a CASA volunteer, I have the opportunity to be the voice of the children I represent. I act as a role model, demonstrating that adults can provide safety, security, nurturing, encouragement, excitement about life, and time to listen to hopes and dreams. As a specialist in Child Welfare Insurance, I feel a tremendous sense of dedication to you -- individuals who have devoted their lives to being role models – and to ensuring that the future of your business is safe and secure.

While my insurance experience is paramount in developing custom solutions for my clients, my law degree affords me a special perspective – an opportunity to take a look from all sides. When combined, these two areas of expertise allow me to truly consult with my clients, and to provide advice that is grounded, perceptive, and directed toward the safety of both care-takers and children.

I’ve had the extraordinary opportunity to work on behalf of – and for the sake of – abused and neglected children. I cherish the opportunity to work with others who have committed their lives to doing the same.

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Insurances offered:
  • CASA
  • Foster Family Services
  • Group Homes
  • Shelters
  • Head Start Programs
  • Counseling Services / Hotlines
  • Child / Family Service Organizations
  • Alternative Education / Schools
  • Reading Programs
  • Youth Recreation Programs
  • Parenting Education
  • Child Welfare Organizations